Tlaquepaque Tour

We start this experience at “Plaza de Armas”, couple of blocks away we take the local bus for you to live the experience as a local, we start our tour visiting what is nowadays both a Cultural Center and a museum: “Museo Municipal Pantaleon Panduro”, get impressed by the talented handicraft men from this municipality, after a walk through many different typical houses of the colonial time we’ll have a stop for you to try a delicious “nieve” Tequila & Corn are our favorite ones, then we’ll visit the regional museum of Ceramic afterwards we’ll start walking along “Avenida Independencia” a street full of galleries, local stores and restaurants, enjoy a delicious “Tejuino” while enjoying the view of Hidalgo’s Garden and finish this incredible experience in “El Parián” one of the most important landmarks in the city while tasting a traditional Tequila cocktail “Cazuela” and listening to Mariachi music.

Price: 30USD (per person)
Duration: 4 hours (aprox.)
When: Every day (with booking) at 1:00 pm
Where: Gazebo in Plaza de Armas

*Please note that the price only includes the cost of the tour, the transportation, food and drinks there consumed are charge separately.
*Also please note that in order to make this trip so affordable we use public transportation but if the whole group wishes to take a taxi it can of course be arranged.





If you see a tour in our calendar you are free to show up for it!
How ever we do appreciate if you book with us in order to give you more information about our tours and to provide service for you.

Also please be kind to  read the description of every tour so you could be aware if there are any changes in the itinerary.

Thank you!

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